Sincerely Yours

Dear You,

I don’t need to be told that I am pretty today.
That you love my lips when I am smiling.
That you love my eyes when I am laughing.
That you love dress or my hair or my shoes.
That you love the smell of my lotion.

Please tell me that everything is gonna be OK.
That I don’t need to worry about anything.
That it is OK for me to complain if I feel something is wrong.
That it is also OK for you to complain, not because you think I am a drama queen.
And the most important thing is I need to be told that you love me just because I am ME.

Thanks for being here and there for me.



All I Want For Birthday are….

I always love March!!
First is because the whole month, my campus always hold an Environmental Month; Second is because it’s Earth Hour; But most of all is because of the 27th of March is my BIRTHDAY!!!

And tomorrow is already March the 1st! Just for FUN, I would like to write down some things that I want for my day, so you have 26 days to hunt the birthday presents that (just in case if) you want to give to me :p

Here are the things:
– I always love surprise but sometimes (well, mostly) I can smell it when some people already arranged the surprise for me. It’s hard to pretend that you don’t know a thing. I’m not a good actress, though. Hahaha.. That’s bad. I know 😦

– I don’t like cakes, but I like the chocolate ones!

– I’m a girly girl, but I don’t like if people give me dolls or flowers. It’s sweet, but it’s useless for me. I don’t sleep with dolls and I can’t eat flowers :p

– I love sweets, but I don’t like candies. I prefer chocolates.

I LOVE to read. I LOVE BOOKS, especially NOVELS. I will mention what novels I still don’t have and I want to buy:
» I already have all Harry Potter Series, but I still really want to collect all British Version (not the American ones)
» I love Enid Blyton so much! She’s my idol and inspiration since when I was a young girl. I’m still looking for Malory Towers series with the old cover (the blue ones) and also St. Claire series number 5 and 6 with the old cover as well
» I adore Paolo Coelho with his words and thoughts. I need to collect his books! English version is better
» I’m still waiting someone to give me all version of Chicken Soup 🙂
» Indonesian author that I adore is Dee Lestari. I have read all her novels. So this year I need to collect all Supernova novels!

– I also LOVES to watch DVDs, especially series, so I want to have the DVDs (I don’t care if it’s not original :p Me bad)
» I have already Gilmore Girls series until 4th Season
» I already watched all season of Charmed, but I want to collect the DVDs
» Ghost Whisperer and Desperate Housewives. I watched some seasons, but I want to collect them also :p
» Harry Potter. But for these, I want the original ones. Haha..

– I love everything about UK, so I would love to receive souvenirs from UK or maybe only UK stuff and merchandise you get from Indonesia would be nice xD

– I love to tweet and I’m getting tired with my blackberry, so I would love someone who will get me a Samsung S2 or a Galaxy Tab 7+ or maybe an ipad xD

Macbook Air!!!

– Round trip ticket to London or Montana! If someone give me this, I won’t forget him or her or them for the rest of my life, and I will be so much thankful and grateful to have him or her or them in my life, plus I will pray for him or her or them everyday and night, may all good things happen in their life and many happy returns! 🙂

That’s all.

I will open my arms to receive these things. Hope someone read this post and make them mine :p


Thank you in advance!

Cea xD

Jika Surga dan Neraka Tak Pernah Ada

Terinspirasi lagu Chrisye tentang Surga dan Neraka yang kira2 sepenggal liriknya begini: ‘Jika Surga dan Neraka tak pernah ada, masihkah kau bersujud kepada-Nya?’, aku sedikit tergelitik mengingat pembicaraan dengan seorang teman.

A: Gw belom siap mati. Gw takut masuk neraka. Gw belom banyak berbuat baik.

B: Kenapa harus takut masuk neraka? Emang lo tau rasanya surga ama neraka kayak apa?

A: Kan itu tertulis di Alkitab.

B: Alkitab kan tulisan manusia.

A: Tapi gw mah percaya. Kalo gitu, ngapain lo berbuat baik?

B: Lah? Jadi berbuat baik cuma supaya masuk surga?

A: Sekarang gw tanya, buat apa lo berbuat baik?

B: Gw berbuat baik biar gw juga diperlakukan baik sama orang. Hukum ‘siapa yang menabur, dia yang akan menuai’ itu yang lebih gw percaya.

Kira2 begitu inti pembicaraannya. Ini bukan pembicaraan si realis dan si religius, hanya pembicaraan dua manusia random yang mencuat gara-gara musibah kecelakaan yang menimpa 9 orang pejalan kaki di Tugu Tani.

Kalau kamu sendiri? Buat apa kamu berbuat baik? Sekarang, jika Surga dan Neraka nggak ada, kamu masih mau berbuat baik?

*berkaca* 🙂

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My Questions About ‘Feelings’

Here are my thoughts before I go to sleep. Well, I can’t sleep, though. That is why these thoughtful yet unanswered questions come up in my mind. You can freely change the ‘him’ into ‘her’ or ‘he’ into ‘she’ if you have spare time to read it and question yourself.

So the basic question is: When you said you love someone, what exactly do you feel?

1. Will you cry when he cries? Or maybe you just feel sad about it and tell something to please him?

2. Will you laugh when he laughs? Or maybe you just smile?

3. Do you listen every single word he tells you? Or maybe you just hear him talking and you’re trying to figure out what should you tell next?

4. Do you really care about his concerns?

5. Will you change your habit just because of him?

6. Are you worried about him when he’s out of your reach?

7. Do you miss him every time and what you wish to do is just with him every single moment?

8. More specifically: do you miss his lips when he’s smiling, his eyes when he’s staring at you, his arms when he’s holding you, his everything? Do you ever wish you are with him right now?

9. Have you ever wished you will always be with him? No one can split you, not even God, u think.

10. Are you unconsciously smiling when you’re thinking of him?

11. Are you hoping that every time your phone’s ringing it’s him who is calling or texting?

12. Have you ever wished that you are the one he’s looking for when he has a trouble or even just when he needs someone to talk to?

13. Are you really considering his thoughts, his feelings, and everything?

14. Are you trying to make him comfortable with you for being you?

15. Have you ever hold to show your sadness or disappointment of something and pretended to be as happy as you can just to make him smile because he has been through something bad today?

16. Do you think that you’re a Dynamic Duo? You’re meant to be together? You’re a best couple you can be.

17. Do you tell him everything even if it will make him upset?

18. Is it him who is the first person who come up in your mind every time you’re sad or when you’re happy? He’s the one who you want to share your feelings with.

19. Have you ever imagined that he’s your ‘the one’ and wished that he will be your last?

20. Have you ever felt that you can get through every storm in life if you are with him? Nothing can separate you, not even your family, your religion, your race, or everything.

21. Will you still be with him whatever happens with him, even if he’s not handsome anymore, not funny anymore, not cute anymore, he becomes a grumpy man, he’s broke, he’s sick?

22. Is he your best friend whom you can go wild and crazy together, your best partner whom you can share everything, your big brother whom you can depend on, your father who is your role model, even your little brother whom you can pamper.

Well, I don’t need the answer. You can answer it by yourself. There are no good and bad answers. There are no rights and wrongs.I can’t analyse your feeling either. But the most important thing to ask is: who is ‘he’ or ‘she’ are you thinking of when you’re reading this post? And I appreciate if you may tell me who the person is. 🙂

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Smart and Beautiful Dialogue from cin(T)a

Cina: “Yuk kita ke ambon yuk! Biar kauliat kalau agama itu udah jadi propaganda paling murah dan efektif dalam sejarah bunuh bunuhan manusia.”
Anissa: “Dunia ini udah kebanyakan agama. Kebanyakan Tuhan.”
Cina: “Kita dikasih privilege lebih untuk belajar. Orang bodoh yang nggak tau apa-apa lebih mudah untuk diprovokasi.”
Anissa: “Emang lo kira di Yerusalem itu orang bego semua? tapi ribuan tahun nggak berenti juga tuh konflik agama!”
Cina: “jadi kita diem aja?”

Anissa: “Kenapa Allah nyiiptain kita beda-beda kalau Allah cuma mau disembah dgn satu cara?”
Cina: “Makanya Allah nyipatin cinta, biar yang beda-beda bisa nyatu.”

Anissa: “Allah suka orang yang kayak apa?”
Cina: “yang IPnya di atas 3.”

Cina: “Sesuai hukum newton 1, kecantikan berbanding terbalik dengan kepintaran”

Cina: “Aku nggak cukup Muslim untuk jadi Gubernur.”

Anissa: “kalo Tuhan gue aja gw khianatin, apalagi lo?”

Anissa: “Tuhan yang kami sebut dengan berbagai nama dan kami sembah dengan berbagai cara…”
Cina: “… terima kasih atas berkat yang Engkau berikan, jauhkanlah kami dari percobaan”
Anissa dan Cina: “amin.”

Menuliskan ini sehabis berbincang-bincang dengan seorang Kakak tentang film ini 🙂

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Dear Pak Tifatul Sembiring,

Dear Pak Tifatul Sembiring,

Saya dengar katanya RIM dan Blackberry mau diblokir dari Indonesia jika tidak mau memblokir akses situs porno dari server miliknya ya Pak?

Dear Pak Tifatul Sembiring,

Berarti semua berawal dari penyalahggunaan akses internet Pak. Bagaimana kalau Bapak banned saja akses internet ke Indonesia, Pak? Karena biar akses ke situs porno sudah diblokir pun, sepertinya masih bisa kecolongan saja, Pak. Berarti orang Indonesia sebenarnya pintar-pintar ya, Pak.
Yahh walaupun nanti berarti akan sulit mendapatkan informasi dari luar, tetapi mungkin dengan begitu bangsa Indonesia akan lebih berakhlak ya, Pak. Dengan begitu Bapak sukses menjadi Mentri Komunikasi dan Informasi ya Pak.

Dear Pak Tifatul Sembiring,

Setahu saya, dari jaman saya masih SMP, dari HP saya cuma nokia yang bisa nonton video, penyebaran video porno udah marak di mana-mana. Kenapa nggak sekarang sekalian blokir saja semua handphone, Pak? Dari yang tidak bisa akses internet sampai yang bisa akses internet. Tentu pemikiran Bapak yang bijak menyetujui pepatah ini: mencegah lebih baik daripada mengobati.

Dear Pak Tifatul Sembiring,

Saya juga lihat banyak pornografi, Pak di TV. Mulai dari film luar sampai film Indonesia. Bagaimana kalau sekalian dilarang saja Pak penayangannya? Atau sekalian dilarang saja penggunaan TV di Indonesia? Setuju kan Pak ya? Kami masih bisa dapat hiburan dari radio, kok, Pak. Hmmm.. Tapi tentu pembicaraan mereka tidak mengarah ke hal-hal yang berbau pornoaksi ya, Pak. Kalau tidak, mungkin bisa dilarang juga Pak penggunaannya. Tentu Bapak ingin menghindarkan bangsa ini dari keterpurukan toh?

Dear Pak Tifatul Sembiring,

Sepertinya telepon juga bisa menjadi media penyebab maraknya pornoaksi, Pak. Bukannya ini lebih parah dari sekadar pornografi? Pernah dengar sex on the phone, Pak? Itu bahaya Pak untuk generasi penerus Bangsa ini. Mungkin Bapak punya kebijakan untuk memblokir penggunaan telepon di Indonesia, Pak? Kami masih bisa surat menyurat kok, Pak. Tapi sebelum dikirim, boleh kok Pak dibacain dulu isi suratnya agar tidak berbau porno lagi, Pak.

Dear Pak Tifatul Sembiring,

Kalau semua pencegahan semakin maraknya pornoaksi dan pornografi sudah Bapak jalankan, kami tentu sangat berterima kasih, Pak. Dengan begitu, bangsa Indonesia yang besar ini akan memiliki akhlak yang baik, seperti apa yang Bapak impikan dan cita-citakan. Tenang saja, Pak. Kita tidak akan kekurangan dan kesulitan mendapatkan informasi, kok, Pak. Kita semua akan memaksimalkan penggunaan radio dan surat menyurat. Dengan begitu tugas Menkominfo juga semakin mudah, kan, Pak? Tentu Bapak akan senang dengan gaji Bapak yang sebesar itu. 🙂

Ohya, mungkin bisa dijadikan kebijakan juga Pak kepada setiap orang untuk tidak saling bersentuhan bagi yang bukan muhrim. Sepertinya itu bisa menjadi peluang kami untuk menjadi populer, Pak. Siapa tau kami bisa populer sampai ke mancanegara seperti Bapak, Pak. Eh, tapi kan twitter sudah dilarang ya, Pak? 😦

Salam hangat,

Salah satu Warga Negara Indonesia yang tidak tahu apa-apa.

NB. Saya posted ini dari blackberry, Pak.

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Pandora Box

In Greek mythology, Pandora was the woman who brought evil into the world and caused humankind’s downfall. She was sent to earth by Zeus, king of the gods, who wanted to take revenge on the Titan Prometheus*. Prometheus had created men and had stolen fire from the gods and given it to the men. (read:

Zeus ordered the divine crafts worker Hephaestus* to form the first woman, Pandora, from clay. Athena* gave life to this creation, Aphrodite* made her beautiful, and Hermes* taught her to be cunning and deceitful.

Zeus sent Pandora down to earth, but Prometheus—whose name means “forethought”—would have nothing to do with her. However, his brother Epimetheus—afterthought—married Pandora, who brought with her a sealed jar or box as a gift from the gods. Some accounts say that Epimetheus opened Pandora’s box; others maintain that Pandora herself opened it. Inside the container were disease, old age, poverty, evil, war, and all the other ills that have plagued humans ever since. When the box was opened, they flew out into the world, leaving only Hope at the bottom of the box to give people a scrap of comfort. A few accounts say that the box contained all the good things that Prometheus planned to give the human race, but when Pandora gave in to curiosity and opened the box, she let all the blessings escape.

Pandora and Epimetheus had a daughter, Pyrrha, who appears in a Greek myth about a great flood. Pyrrha and her husband, Deucalion, were the flood’s sole survivors and became the parents of a new human race.

Source: Pandora – Myth Encyclopedia

p.s. again, thanks to Kak Galih Aristo and his post in World Mythology Community