All I Want For Birthday are….

I always love March!!
First is because the whole month, my campus always hold an Environmental Month; Second is because it’s Earth Hour; But most of all is because of the 27th of March is my BIRTHDAY!!!

And tomorrow is already March the 1st! Just for FUN, I would like to write down some things that I want for my day, so you have 26 days to hunt the birthday presents that (just in case if) you want to give to me :p

Here are the things:
– I always love surprise but sometimes (well, mostly) I can smell it when some people already arranged the surprise for me. It’s hard to pretend that you don’t know a thing. I’m not a good actress, though. Hahaha.. That’s bad. I know 😦

– I don’t like cakes, but I like the chocolate ones!

– I’m a girly girl, but I don’t like if people give me dolls or flowers. It’s sweet, but it’s useless for me. I don’t sleep with dolls and I can’t eat flowers :p

– I love sweets, but I don’t like candies. I prefer chocolates.

I LOVE to read. I LOVE BOOKS, especially NOVELS. I will mention what novels I still don’t have and I want to buy:
» I already have all Harry Potter Series, but I still really want to collect all British Version (not the American ones)
» I love Enid Blyton so much! She’s my idol and inspiration since when I was a young girl. I’m still looking for Malory Towers series with the old cover (the blue ones) and also St. Claire series number 5 and 6 with the old cover as well
» I adore Paolo Coelho with his words and thoughts. I need to collect his books! English version is better
» I’m still waiting someone to give me all version of Chicken Soup 🙂
» Indonesian author that I adore is Dee Lestari. I have read all her novels. So this year I need to collect all Supernova novels!

– I also LOVES to watch DVDs, especially series, so I want to have the DVDs (I don’t care if it’s not original :p Me bad)
» I have already Gilmore Girls series until 4th Season
» I already watched all season of Charmed, but I want to collect the DVDs
» Ghost Whisperer and Desperate Housewives. I watched some seasons, but I want to collect them also :p
» Harry Potter. But for these, I want the original ones. Haha..

– I love everything about UK, so I would love to receive souvenirs from UK or maybe only UK stuff and merchandise you get from Indonesia would be nice xD

– I love to tweet and I’m getting tired with my blackberry, so I would love someone who will get me a Samsung S2 or a Galaxy Tab 7+ or maybe an ipad xD

Macbook Air!!!

– Round trip ticket to London or Montana! If someone give me this, I won’t forget him or her or them for the rest of my life, and I will be so much thankful and grateful to have him or her or them in my life, plus I will pray for him or her or them everyday and night, may all good things happen in their life and many happy returns! 🙂

That’s all.

I will open my arms to receive these things. Hope someone read this post and make them mine :p


Thank you in advance!

Cea xD

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