My Questions About ‘Feelings’

Here are my thoughts before I go to sleep. Well, I can’t sleep, though. That is why these thoughtful yet unanswered questions come up in my mind. You can freely change the ‘him’ into ‘her’ or ‘he’ into ‘she’ if you have spare time to read it and question yourself.

So the basic question is: When you said you love someone, what exactly do you feel?

1. Will you cry when he cries? Or maybe you just feel sad about it and tell something to please him?

2. Will you laugh when he laughs? Or maybe you just smile?

3. Do you listen every single word he tells you? Or maybe you just hear him talking and you’re trying to figure out what should you tell next?

4. Do you really care about his concerns?

5. Will you change your habit just because of him?

6. Are you worried about him when he’s out of your reach?

7. Do you miss him every time and what you wish to do is just with him every single moment?

8. More specifically: do you miss his lips when he’s smiling, his eyes when he’s staring at you, his arms when he’s holding you, his everything? Do you ever wish you are with him right now?

9. Have you ever wished you will always be with him? No one can split you, not even God, u think.

10. Are you unconsciously smiling when you’re thinking of him?

11. Are you hoping that every time your phone’s ringing it’s him who is calling or texting?

12. Have you ever wished that you are the one he’s looking for when he has a trouble or even just when he needs someone to talk to?

13. Are you really considering his thoughts, his feelings, and everything?

14. Are you trying to make him comfortable with you for being you?

15. Have you ever hold to show your sadness or disappointment of something and pretended to be as happy as you can just to make him smile because he has been through something bad today?

16. Do you think that you’re a Dynamic Duo? You’re meant to be together? You’re a best couple you can be.

17. Do you tell him everything even if it will make him upset?

18. Is it him who is the first person who come up in your mind every time you’re sad or when you’re happy? He’s the one who you want to share your feelings with.

19. Have you ever imagined that he’s your ‘the one’ and wished that he will be your last?

20. Have you ever felt that you can get through every storm in life if you are with him? Nothing can separate you, not even your family, your religion, your race, or everything.

21. Will you still be with him whatever happens with him, even if he’s not handsome anymore, not funny anymore, not cute anymore, he becomes a grumpy man, he’s broke, he’s sick?

22. Is he your best friend whom you can go wild and crazy together, your best partner whom you can share everything, your big brother whom you can depend on, your father who is your role model, even your little brother whom you can pamper.

Well, I don’t need the answer. You can answer it by yourself. There are no good and bad answers. There are no rights and wrongs.I can’t analyse your feeling either. But the most important thing to ask is: who is ‘he’ or ‘she’ are you thinking of when you’re reading this post? And I appreciate if you may tell me who the person is. 🙂

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