I MISSoula! — My Perfect Morning

“Cea, bangun, Ce!” Gracia knocked on my door almost every morning in Miller Hall, University of Montana, Missoula.

“Iya, Grace,” I answered her, still with my closed eyes. I stretched my body. I was still sleepy. I hadn’t enough sleep the day before because I chatted with my friends in Indonesia until late.

Ah! I had to prepare myself for classes this morning. I shouldn’t be late!

I opened my eyes slowly. I still wanna sleep. Please give me 10 minutes more to sleep.

I opened my window beside my bed, and the cold Missoula breeze blew into my room. I looked outside. I could see the red bricks wall from my dorm and university hall. I jumped from my bed, took on my towel and went get to the bathroom outside my room.

I met Lucy with her ponytail, brushing her teeth. I used the washtubs beside her and we chatted with mouths full of toothpaste. Then Nicky came in. She greeted us with her sleepy voice. She worn her pink pyjamas.

After I finished, I went back to my room. I opened my refrigerator to took my chocolate milk and corn flakes. Yes, for my breakfast!

I remembered, I had an appointment with my mom. We’ll had a video call through skype! Hurray! I turned on my laptop and signed in my skype. Yah! There she was. I called her. I missed her at that time. It was almost 9 pm in Indonesia. She was ready to sleep.

Too bad, we couldn’t chat longer. I had to get to class. Bye, mom! Good night, Indonesia. Good morning, Montana. I’m ready.

I heard people chattering outside. They were my friends. They were ready for class this morning. Yah! We would have Mr. Otto Koester for Leadership and Negotiation class. My favorite topic!

“Good morning!” We greeted each other with warm smile. I knew we were sleepy. I knew we didn’t have enough sleep last night. But we still enjoyed this morning. Of course! As we walked to our class in Native American Center, sunshine, fresh air, green view, cold morning breeze, birds’ sing were happy to welcome us, the Asian students in their state.

That was my perfect morning in Missoula.

2 responses to “I MISSoula! — My Perfect Morning

  1. Oh Cea, your stories are so evocative of good times! I love to read your memories. Today I spoke with Katie and Gary Decker at Shy Bear Farm; they are excited to host SUSI 2011 students!

    • Thanks, Deena! I wish I could turn back time to last year in Missoula – my best experience ever! You know what? I feel like I left part of my heart and my soul there.. Hope to see u again someday in Missoula 🙂

      I MISSoula you. 🙂

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