#1 Me Parent

Here I’m telling you about my parent. Ratna Rosilawaty and Andre Suryadi Yahya. My Mami and Papi. They are not the best parent in the world that every child would’ve ever dreamt, but I’m sure they are the coolest parent for me and brother.

My Papi. He passed away last year, 31 January 2010, but his memories still live inside me. Maybe this is the 272727 times I’m telling you about him. But, to be honest, I rarely talked about him when he was still alive. Yah, I miss him so much.

For me, he was not my hero, but he was and still is my teacher. He was the person who always told me to not to give up if I’m facing the problems. He was the person who always taught me to be humble and not easy to satisfied for everything. He was the person who made me remember that there is no “late” word for learning.

He was a toughest person I’ve ever known. If I tell you the whole story about my Papi, you will agree with me. He had to raise me and my brother as a single father since I was 17 and my brother was 14. We were a teenager and needed a mom in our home, but he could take my mom’s role beside of being a father. He had been sick since years years ago, but he endured it for the sake of his children. He never gave up on everything. Never. He sometimes complained, and I felt like he was a grumpy dad, but now I totally understand what he has been trough. For me, He succeed to raise his children very well. I am so proud to be his daughter.

My Mami. Nothing special about her actually. She is the same as your mom, beside the fact that she had left us for some reasons when I was 17 and she had come back since 2 years ago, 6 month before my Papi passed away.

She is a strong woman. She full spirited. I have never seen she gives up on something, except she gave up her love to Papi. But I know she was lost at that time. I hated her so much for doing so. I blamed her for everything. I didn’t wanna see her ever in my life. I taught she had ruined my life completely.

But now, I’ve realized and learned that no one has to be blamed in this situation. Each of us is learning something and if we did a mistake, we called it an experience, a lesson to learn. Deep in my heart, I know that I’ve never hated her. I love her so much. She is my mom, the one who gave birth of me, the one who always takes care of me, always loves me, no matter what, unconditionally. She is sometimes so annoying, but she is doing so for me. She loves me so much!

Now, she’s getting old and she needs my assistant. I am so worried about her. She missed something in her life. She is now like a flower that slowly withered Bit don’t worry Mom. You are the only parent I have now in my life. I promise to take care of you and never let you down. I promise to make you proud of me.


I thank God for giving me Mami and Papi as my parent. From them, I’ve learned that everything happens for a reason. God knows your value. He will never let you down. He will always catches you every time you wanna fall. He teaches you how to raise and how to fly. 🙂

For my Mami and Papi,

Lidwina Marcella

your daughter

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