Jogja, I’m… I’m… *ups*

Before you read this post, please don’t take it too serious, OK? This is only my silly random thought and silly experience in Jogja before I officially attended International Youth Conference held by Menpora.

Days before I went to Jogja, I read some news about the plane crash. That plane which crashed was the same plane I took to go to Jogja.

Night before I went to Jogja, I had a little argue with my Mom. She forgot that the next day I was going to go to Jogja. She told me that she wanted to sleep over in my Grandma’s home and I was mad at her. I was so sad and I even when she finally decided to go home, I didn’t talk with her, but she still helped me to pack my clothes and stuff.

In the morning on the next day, I wasn’t mad at her anymore, buuutttt.. When we were on our way to go to Damri, when we were in a rush, in the taxi, we had another little argue. I thought I would be late to the airport. I was sure I would!

When I went to the Damri, I didn’t kiss her, I just say, “Bye” then she replied. I thought it was a sign that I shouldn’t go to Jogja.

I was so so so sad. I was crying alone in Damri before suddenly my hand phone rang and my best friend whom I was going to sleep over in her house told me that her Grandma was sick and she had to go to Bali today! What a crap!!! I should stayed in her house before the conference and then she was about going to Bali and I didn’t have a place to stay! But, what can I do? Oh yes! I would lost in Jogja. Nowhere to go, no one to accompany me. So I considered this as another sign that maybe I should not going to Jogja.

I would be so much late. My friend from Padang who were going with me with the same ‘plane’ already at the airport. He bbm me every time, asked where the hell I was. And finally thank God, I wasn’t late at all. Huff.. 🙂 He asked the committee if they had hotel vouchers for us to stay, and again, thank God, they said yes! Wohooo!! So we went straight to the hotel and they picked us up from the airport.

I changed my bbm status to “Lost in Jogja”.
Then my old friend whom I had ever so much in love with suddenly bbm me and asked me if I was in Jogja. Aha! I remembered that he was in Jogja for practical study in Panti Rapih Hospital. He is studying to be a doctor. Yes, He is soon gonna be a doctor who can plays a piano. He asked me if we could meet sometime in Jogja. I said, “of course!” I smiled. Yes! Why not? *wink*

Jogja, more or less 9 years ago, when we were still in the third grade of Junior High School, days before we had to go to Jogja for study tour, he said that he liked me. But, because of the small consideration of mine, –OK, actually it was because of my best friend, the same person who were now going to Bali, liked him too–
so I said that we couldn’t be together, but in fact, I liked him too. So much! :”)

So when we were in Jogja at that time, … Oh, OK. I can still recall that moment from my memories. OK. Stop. Summary: nothing happened between us. Nothing ever happened, except I broke his heart, he said. 😦

I just adored him, I mean I am adoring him until now. Sorry. This is so embarrassing, I should admit. But, yeah! He’s still cool and charming like he was! 😀 he’s still a gentleman yet funny man. Oh man!

So, on that Saturday night, in Jogja, he had to stay at the hospital until 9pm, but then he bbm me and asked me if I wanted to have a dinner with him and his friends, and I said, OK. I thought, aaahh so this is His plan for me. To make me meet my old crush. 😉 So much thanks to my best friend who were going to go to Bali.

Ohya, on the next day, we had a breakfast together. Hahahaha..

Now: Summary: Again. Nothing happened. Nothing ever happened and maybe…

OK. Enough. Let’s stop this. Let’s stop this, Cea.
OK. I couldn’t stop smiling, by the way. I hope u also couldn’t. Maybe u could share ur own weird experience.

The End. 😉

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