My Ambitious Dreams

I always love to talk about my dreams rather than my accomplishments. I don’t know why, but I feel if I shared it, I have an obligation to make it all come true and I hope I can inspire people to also make theirs come true.
Here are my ambitious-dreams. I call my dreams ‘ambitious’ because they are.. LOL.
  1. Have a birthday celebration in a nursing home in April and will invite my friends to be the guardian angels for each grandma and grandpa there.. 🙂 They have to bring a gift, not for me, but for the grandma or grandpa who has chosen for them and they should accompany that grandma or grandpa all day in the nursing home. If anyone has a contact of a nursing home in Central Jakarta, I would really appreciate if you can share it for me.
  2. Make Pre-Congress in April and May and a National Congress in October for KOPHI (Koalisi Pemuda Hijau Indonesia). We are looking for the agents of change from each province in Indonesia who can make a difference from little things they do with their communities. Anyone interested? Wait for the info about it. :p
  3. Make an Asian Youth Assembly in December. We will invite youth representatives from Asian countries to come to Indonesia and we will make a conference about climate change issue and make an international action that can inspire youth from all over the world to do the same thing.
  4. Publish my own book — I picked up the tittle already LOL –> a-MAZE-in LIFE! I picked the title already This is the story of my life and it’s still a secret. hahaha…
  5. Me and Olivia D. Purba will wrote a story about our Montana experiences and hopefully we can publish it. OK. Just pray, Oliv.. 🙂
  6. Publish the novels that my friend (Indri Gitta Edria) and I wrote when we were 11 year old in Elementary School. They consist of 9 books actually, but I can only find 7 of them. The stories were about 6 teenagers who were travelling to some cities in Indonesia and also other countries and they experienced exciting adventures in every place they visited. We wish we can get sponsors from Indonesian Ministry of Education and even UNICEF.. :p
  7. Go around the South East Asia Countries, or at least go to Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Thailand, so I can meet all my SUSI friends there. Backpacking!! 😀
  8. Go to UK. I do really wish and strive to make it come true. Let’s pray hard and work hard for it!! yeay!!!

I have to accomplish all of these this year! 😀 *finger cross*

What are your dreams? Share it to me.. 🙂

7 responses to “My Ambitious Dreams

  1. well, I’ve just about your ambitions that you wrote in early of 2011. It’s very interesting that you have many big dreams and I hope you already realized your dreams. Why don’t you try to write articles / books about environmental problems that happen in Indonesia ? Maybe you can propose for sponsorship to several companies.

    • Hi! Thanks so much for reading my post! 🙂 it’s a really good idea actually, but I don’t good in writing articles about environment. Hahaha..
      Thanks God I already realized some of my dreams 😀
      thank u.

  2. I just woke up at midnight and couldn’t sleep…I just read every friend’s blog and I was just stranded in your blog…..I hope you can you can wake up like me so that you are not dreaming anymore and start to “execute” all that dreams…..:-)

    • Hi Kak Ginting!
      Thank you so much for stopping at my blog. I’m really appreciated. It’s true! That we have to wake up, so that we can act and make a move to achieve our dreams. Thank God that I achieved some of them.
      I hope you can have dreams and achieve them too! 🙂

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