Dad’s Favorite Songs

Since I was a kid, I had been listening to my Dad’s favourite songs. Old songs, of course. All from 60’s to 80’s. If u played the song, even if only in the very beginning tunes, I can guess what song it is. I can name the titles one by one but they are too much! I can even memories some of the lyrics.

Yah! My dad loved music so much! In the car, at home, everywhere, he always turned on his tape or CD and played those old songs.. He had good speakers in the car and home theatre for karaoke at home. He also loved to sing. He sang loudly with his average voice -haha.. Sorry to say, Dad-. Good thing, Mom has the same hobby and interest at music as Dad.

Until now, Dad’s favourite songs are my favorite, too! I love to save it on my blackberry and ipod and play it every time i want. Even in my itunes, u will hardly find the new songs. 😀 My friends call me weird sometimes. They said I’m too old for my age. I have an old taste. But, I don’t care. As long as I love it, why bother with their opinions? Beside, these old songs really a best medicine for me if I miss my Dad. It really comforts me. I can picture myself back to years ago when Dad was still here with us. We were in the car, he turned on the CD and the music played. Or when he listened to his favourite songs in his favourite chair at home, sang it, he moved his body as the music played. Or when I was playing the keyboard, I was playing his favourite song, he walked and stood beside me, then he sang the song.

In the very edge of his life, he couldn’t talk, even moved his lips he couldn’t do that, but when I was playing his favorite old songs near his ear, he smiled, then he cried.

Yah! Dad loved music so much! His favourite songs are my favourite too. So I won’t bother if people say I have an old taste! They don’t know, I have my Dad’s taste! 😀

Each song tells thousands stories!

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