How a simple greeting card means a big care

I’ve just got home from my bad day at work. My mood was not so good today. I found in my table a small brown envelope and my had name written on it. “Lidwina Cea Marcella” with a black ink. I saw there is a stamp from United States Postal Service beside my name and the name of the sender in the up-left side. Tuyen Pham, Missoula, MT written on it.

I opened it and saw another envelope inside the brown envelope. The blue one, with chinese letters in different colours completed with flowers and heart in the red ink. Only one word I know: ‘Congratulations’ in the green ink. I opened that second envelope and saw the greeting card with a globe picture in a blue cover include the line: “Give the world the best you have and the best will come back to you.” I read the message inside the card. He wrote:

C – conquer the world
E – Embrace the challenge
A – Accomplished ur dream

And behind it, I found a red leaves that written: To Cea,
From Missoula
with Love

It really brought tears in my eyes. I have never imagined that a simple greeting card means so much to u. It means a big care from someone u just knew only for a while.

Uncle Tuyen Pham, the one I met in Missoula, Montana when I had joined Study of The United States Institute for Student Leaders on Global Environmental Issues 2010, the one who can speak many different languages: English, French, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, the one who always made me and my friends laugh with his crazy yet smart jokes, the one who generously took us to the mall and department stores to buy something we were looking for, the one who took us to Chinese Restaurant, now sending me a greeting card only because of my graduation. I know it’s not a big thing for u, but it is for me.

I will always remember u, Uncle Tuyen Pham for ur care and ur generosity. Also ur warm and very lovely family, ur wife Shushu, ur children and ur grand children. I will always keep u all in my heart. Hmmm.. Maybe I should call u Grandpa. Ooh, but I think uncle is the best. U look younger! 🙂

I hope we can visit u again someday in Missoula and u can take me again to China Buffet, Target, Walmart, Southgate Mall, Book Exchange, many other places.

Thank u so much, uncle! The greeting card means so much for me. Really. 🙂 I will always keep it, so someday in the future I would say to my child that she/he has a long distance grandpa in Missoula.. Hahaha..

I love u!

By the way, you should send ur family picture in it, uncle! I miss u all so much!! 😀

To Uncle Tuyen,
From Indonesia with Love.

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