From the window inside my room

Miller Hall, University of MontanaI woke up that morning. I knew I almost late for my breakfast. I opened the window. The cold wind that morning filled my small room. It was OK. I shook a bit. Hap! I sat in front of my window. I looked outside. I couldn’t see the sun. He was hiding behind the mountain, but he was brightly shining. I could see the “L” on that mountain — stands for Loyola High School. Where’s the “M”? Ah! It was in the other side of the mountain. OK. Enough. But, ummm.. People chattered outside, I could hear. I saw Kedra came in. Yep! It was time to get ready. I ran to the bathroom, prepared for breakfast. I couldn’t be late, or else I couldn’t enter the Food Zoo.

Before I went to Food Zoo, I looked at my window again and stared out side. Some of my friends walked on the street to the Food Zoo which exactly in front of my window. Oh I forgot to tell u, I’m on the fourth floor so I could clearly see the parking lot, the trees, and the mountains.

It was almost 6pm already. I prepared for the next activities. I looked at the window. Sat in front of it and felt the Missoula breeze against my face. It was cold, but I liked it. It refreshed me after a day of class activities. The sun was still brightly shine. It was quite outside. I could hear he birds chattering. It was peaceful. Hey! I saw my friends got ready with their bikes. OK. I was ready to go. I’ll see u tonight.

Back to my small room. I realized that I still opened my window since that morning. I sat on my bed, starred at my window, I looked outside, again and again. Noticed that this was my only refreshment since there was no TV to watch and radio to hear. I loved to see the sky went orange. It was almost 9pm. The sunlight burst behind the mountains. It was like in the fairytale. Now, the scenery outside my window looked more and more beautiful with the orange lamps in the parking lot. Ahhh, it was getting cold. I wrapped my body with my pink blanket. Still enjoyed looking outside my window.

Almost 10pm and the sky went darker. I closed my window, coz the breeze was also getting cold and colder. I laid on my pillow. I put it beside my window so I could still looked outside. It was nice and quite. The orange light now only from the lamps on that parking lot. Pretty.

I couldn’t see the mountains anymore. I heard nothing anymore. All universe went to sleep and so did I. I’ll see u tomorrow morning.

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