If Only Indonesia Has the Same System

When I was in Missoula, Montana for Study of The United State Institutes for Student Leaders on Global Environmental Issues, one day, we had an orientation from university police. I remember his name: TJ. But I don’t want to tell u about TJ. I was impressed by the system in US he told about. I will tell u about that:

In USA, they have an ICE system. What’s that? In Case of Emergency. You put ICE in front of your relative’s contacts on ur phone. Ex: ICE – Momsie. So if there’s something happened with me when I’m alone, people who found me can directly contact to Mamsie.

They socialized this system to all citizen in USA. If only Indonesia has this kind of system, I’m sure it will be easier for us to identify people who need help. And this is one of the best way to directly contact their relatives. I really wish Indonesia will make this kind of system.. 🙂

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