d r e a m i n g

I’ve been thinking about this lately: someday I should have “me time” only for my self. I mean, I would spend a whole year like what Liz Gilbert had in Eat Pray Love only for my self. That story is really inspiring me. I’m not going to find my self or something like that. I just want to take a rest from all of this routine and take a vacation. I don’t need to go abroad, but going anywhere far from here. Not in Jakarta absolutely. I’m tired of this “big city” kind of place!

I’m not a type of person than can go somewhere alone, so maybe I will ask someone really close to me to accompany me and start our journey together. We can decide the places we would stay for a year.

Backpacking! Yah, that’s what I want.

I want to go somewhere. Do whatever I want, experience everything. No. If u know me, u’ll know what I mean about “whatever” and “everything”. I will still do the social works, I think. But this time, I’m not tied with any organisation or anything anymore. I’ll do it just for my self, my heart, my soul. I want to make my journey as “foods” for my self and also them. I want to make every step I take meaningful. Maybe not in “green” activities anymore, but still for humanity reasons.

And again. I said I need this vacation for myself having a “me time”. Means that I should also have my time alone. Without doing and thinking of anything. Maybe places in mountains or beaches would be the great places to stay.

Anyone wants to join me? Someday. 😀

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