MY FAVORITES for all life time

1. all about UNITED KINGDOM — the history, the Queens and Kings, the Castles, Palaces, and of course the Kingdoms, the Union Jack, the RED Double Decker, the RED telephone booth, the RED postcard booth, the mini cooper, Mr. Bean and his Teddy bear, the books and the Authors, and also their ENGLISH ACCENT

2. all about CHOCOLATE — include chocolate ice cream, chocolate milkshake with chocolate float ice cream, chocolate milk with ice

3. BOOKS! I like to read the novels, and also used to write ones when I was in junior and senior high school, but never have a courage to publish it :p — Oh, i need to make the details about it: most of them are fictions. Yah, i love fiction stories, such as: Enid Blyton’s novels, J.K. Rowling (Harry Potter), Dan Brown’s, Paolo Coelho’s, all Chicken Soup books, Dewi Lestari’s. I also like the history of the Great Britain 🙂

4. HANDPHONE — I really need this gadget! I can’t live without it. :p

5. Flip flop or sandal or slipper, u name it! I like to wear this kind of footwear — especially the blue and the pink one 🙂

6. Shorts — the most comfortable clothes if we engage it with…

7. T-shirts — ah! Yah! With T-shirts

8. My dad’s favourite old songs — Frank Sinatra, the Beatles, Beegees, Andy Williams, The Classics, UB 40, Julio Iglesias, Elvis Presley, many more — I get used to listen to it since I was a very little kid

9. Classical and instrumental songs — Vivaldi, Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Richard Clayderman, Kenny G., Dave Koz, Francis Goya– very useful to help me remember and understand things when i’m studying. Seriously! I prove that already by my self 🙂

10. Nasi uduk, ayam goreng, sambel — the best indonesia foods in the world!!!

11. Art and Curio — the best place to eat steak. We (me, my dad, my mom, my brother, sometimes with my grandparents) often to eat at this restaurant to celebrate something, such as: birthdays, wedding anniversary, and so on. It was like a very nice-memorable-family restaurant for us. But now it was close already 😦

12. DVD series — Charmed and Gilmore Girls

13. KFC!!! — Yehey Opa Sanders.. You’re in my favorite list!

14. Mineral Water — It’s a must

15. Indomie!! — mie goreng and kari ayam are the mossssttt delicious ones!! :9

16. Orange and Apple — my fav fruit

17. pictures of my friends in my desk or my wall 😀

18. pinkku and bolster — the best mates in my journey of sleep

19. RAM — as in ARIES :p

20. my RED Converse — OK. Beside slippers, this one is the best footwear ever!

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