Parents’ Prayer

Just read my cousin’s tweet which said: “just heard my dad’s prayer for me and my siblings”.

It knocks my heart and I think that, yeah! Every dad would do the same thing for his children and I’m sure every mother does. Now the question is, would every child do that for their parents? Will they pray everyday for their parents? Do they think about their parents like their parents always think of them everyday, every time, everywhere? Will we do the same thing?

I remember my dad once said that as a parent, dad will do everything for his children without expect anything in return. As a parent, dad should be ready for anything he will get as a return from his children. Even if it’s bad. Yah! He said that.

As a child, I admit that I’m not thinking of my parents everyday. What in my mind are my friends, my school, my work, my facebook, my twitter, my handphone, my blog, my money for buying new stuff, what film will I watch today with my friends, what food will I eat at what restaurant with my friends, when will I get a new boy friend, when will I get married.

But now I realise that my dad and my mom will think of their children, their work for fulfil their children’s needs, their children’s friends – are they good for their children or not, their children’s life at school, what time they have to wake up to prepare their children’s breakfast, what will their children eat at school or campus, where their children go, when will their children go home and they can have a dinner together, will they get great scores for their assignments, will they get great spouses for their whole life. All about their children’s life, health, and happiness.

Would we as children do the same? Have we ever think about what our parents do? What they actually mean when they are angry?

I love u mom and dad!

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