random -very random- thought

It’s starting from me and my very berry best friend, Priti who are always connecting human’s characters with zodiacs, so I wrote this blog.. 🙂

For note: I am an Aries and Priti is a Libra.

We are friends since 2nd grade in Junior High School. Our friendship begun when she had a crush with someone who were close with me (I had a crush on him too, for ur information). Day by day, we found that we are having much things in common. Then we noticed that almost her closest friends are aries, she ever had a crush with an aries, and even her sister is an aries too. And now I realise that I have 3 best friends are also libras.

Not only that, one of my best friends who is a libra also has a best friend who is an aries and ever had a crush with an aries.

One more case about this aries and libra thingy. One of my best friend (she’s an aries) has a 6-years-boyfriend who is a libra.

The most funny case is, my lecturer who is an aries has an ex-husband who is a libra, her 2 sons are libras, her dad is a libra, and even her dog is a libra also!

Hahaha.. I think this is a very random thought to share. Hope u are enjoying it! 😀

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