Things about Montana Experiences

Here are things of my a month journey in Montana:

1. University of Montana (UM)

My first impression about this university was.. oh, i feel like i’m in a castle on a fairy tale. The main building is very beautiful and awesome!! 😀 Their area is so big and green. They had they own M. Yah!! It’s a ritual for people to hike the M. But I’ve never done that!! I’ll do it someday when I back to UM. :p

2. Miller Hall

Our lovely dorm. 5 minutes to NAC.  My room is on 427B on the fourth floor.

3. UC (University Center)

Our gate away for lunch after class and also there is a bookstore to buy many university stuff.

4. Native American Center (NAC)

The new building in University of Montana with round lobby like a drum as a symbol of American Indian people. This is a place where we studied. OK. 8.45 we had to be there. :p

5. Food Zoo

Many students did not like the food in this university cafeteria, but I liked it. We had breakfast here in the first weeks in the University of Montana. Even there was no chili sauce there, but I still liked the food! 😀

6. TJ Maxx, Target, Wall mart,  in Missoula

I remember we got lost one day when we biked from down town to these store. We biked for almost 2 hours and almost gave up. Thanks to Khavi who rode me a bike.. 🙂 and also thanks to Michelle and Olivia who suddenly showed up in Target then drove us to Miller Hall.

7. Albertsons near UM

Grocery store near campus. We biked there every week to buy our food and stuff. I even have the preferred card and still got email from them. 🙂

8. Southgate Mall in Missoula

A very small mall compared to Indonesia, but I like to shop there coz there are so many stores that give us discount!!! yeay!!

9. Book Exchange in Missoula

There is no such place as best as this bookstore!!!!!!!! I bought so many book with reasonable yet cheap prices in this secondhand bookstore. And note: even it’s a secondhand bookstore, the books are still in good conditions.

10. My Host Family’s home

I surely will comeback there again someday. They have such a big home with terrace on the back for us to eat dinner. They have Maggie and Brewer as their dogs. Suzanne is a peace-quilter and Jim is an Economics in UM. They are a very open and nice family.

11. Glacier National Park

The best thing about this place is, we can see the snow even it’s summer, Yah, coz it’s a glacier there! And the good thing is, it’s a 100 hundred celebration of Glacier National Park when we got there.  Oh, and i really love the name of the road: Going-to-the-sun-road. Isn’t that a lovely name for a road?

We stayed a night at a beautiful lodge which Olivia always complained coz it was look like her hometown in Berastagi, Sumatera Utara. hahaha…

12. Flathead Lake

I don’t know why I put it on my list. Hmm.. maybe because if I’m not mistaken, we went there for more than 3 times a month. Hahaha.. We went there to study about the native american before we went to Glacier National Park, then we went there special to learn about the native american (again), then we went there after Powwow (American Indian Festival or to visit Nastiti’s host family who live there and we Kano-ing there.. 🙂

13. Butte, Montana,_Montana

I went there two times: First was with my host family coz there was a festival there. It took almost 3 hours driving. I enjoyed it so much until the weather changing 5 times in one hour. Then my host parents said that  it was a very bad idea to go there without preparation. Yah, we didn’t bring a jacket, even umbrella. Hahaha.. well, coz we didn’t know what will happen.

The second time was with our school. We went there to know about the Berkeley pit. Butte well-known with its mining. Oh! One thing i remember about Butte is the Lady of The Rock! It was awesome! U can see the sun only shine for her in the sunset.

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