The father-daughter bond is clearly special. No father is perfect, nor do they always know the best way to deal with their daughters. But the special bond that girls have with their fathers’ means that in spite of his mistakes, they still think there’s no better man in their lives, and when he is proud of them, the world is a beautiful place. How a father relates to his daughter shapes her sense of worth as an adult determines how she will relate to other men and impacts her overall confidence in whatever she sets out to do. That is the power that all fathers have in the lives of their daughters. And it also means fathers have the potential to influence their daughters’ self-esteem, their independence and their body image.

Regardless of age, a father is always a father and his daughter is always his daughter. It is a relationship that lasts a lifetime. A daughter will always look to her father as the one man in her life who will always love her unconditionally and who will always be there when she needs him. It follows then, that if a father wants his daughter to be capable, talented, and competent, to feel beautiful and to believe in herself, he must value her talents and trust her insights. And it is his behaviour, not just his words that will be her guide.

*given by someone when i had a fight with my father*

August 2, 2009

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