Dear Dad, Dear God

Dear Dad,

It’s been 7 months since u left us

I’ve been through a lot of things

So many things I want to share, so many things I want to tell

Dear Dad,

I still remember when told u that I applied for the SUSI program in USA

U said, “Do u want to leave me alone at home?”

I was so angry at that time

“Why don’t u support me?” i thought

Dear Dad,

a month later u were laying at the hospital

and all the Doctors said there is no hope for u to live longer

then I prayed to God:

“Dear God,

I don’t need to go to USA,

I don’t even need to go to UK

as long as my Dad can live a little longer,

to see me graduate.

Just wait a little longer, Dad.

But Dear God,

I’m so selfish.

I don’t know what’s the best for him.

I’m just thinking what’s the best for me.

So Dear God,

I bow to Thee

I will accept everything U have planned for my Dad and for my life

I will not ask for more for everything.



Dear Dad,

Finally I went to USA

I saw and experienced so many things

When I saw things u like, I wanted to tell u right after

When I experienced new things that u ever told me, I wanted to share what I feel to u

Oh Dear Dad,

U’re not here anymore

But ur soul and spirit is in my heart

I will be ur eyes and ur hands

I will keep seeing and experiencing new good things on behalf of u

I’m praying to God

“Dear God,

I thank U for everything

Took my Dad with U is the best thing U gave to my family and to him

U released him from his sorrow

Even my Dad is not here anymore,

but U gave me a lot of people surround me

that love me, take care of me, and keep me alive

Dear God,

Let me be a person who always be thankful

Let me be a person who can bring happiness in the hearts of everyone I meet every day

Teach me how to care

how to love

how to share

and how to serve

Dear God,


I don’t have anything to ask.

Just one:

Dear God,

please tell this to him:

Dear Dad who are with God now,

Rest in peace

I love u.


August 29, 2010

6.04 pm

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