an interesting traffic with an old ojek driver

It was a very traffic night! I was so tired and i couldn’t find a cab,so i took an ojek to take me to kampung melayu.
He was an old man, the driver i mean. We had a chat. He thought that i’m a fresh graduate from high school and i take a course in London School just to learn english conversation. Then i said, yes! Haha..
He asked me why don’t i continue my college and just take an english course (he totally didn’t know if London School is a university). I told him bcoz i have a passion in english and english is an international language, that’s why i learn it.
He could speak english, btw! Even if just a little. He taught me some phrases in english. He thought that i can’t speak english,so i was pretending like what he thought just to make him happy to show his english skill.. Hehe.. I just smiled at him and nodded everytime he told me some english phrases.
He was nice and kind. He told me to practice english everywhere and every time..
After i arrived at my destination, i paid him and said, “Thank u, Mr.. Nice to have a chat with u.” Then he smiled and said, “Thank u. Take care. See u again!”

It was a really nice experience in my tired traffic night! 🙂

Thanks, Mr. Old Driver to make my night so colorful.. *sorry i lied to u.* ;p

15 April 2009

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