a LOVE poem of a bee

One day, he saw a twig on the top of the tree
And he said, “I will reach that and fly to the blue sky! Take u with me.”
She said, “I believe u can do it and I will always be in ur side.”
Slowly they climbed that tree
One by one, they stood on its twig
Stay for a while, then climbed it again
Finally, they almost arrived on the twig on the top of that tree
But she could not follow him more over

Her legs were not steady
And her wings were weak
Then she let him went alone
But it hurt him
He thought that she left him
Day after day, she was still waiting with only hope in her heart:
‘When he arrive on that twig and he finally can fly to the sky,
He can come back and take her as he promised one day’
But when he reached twig by twig higher, nearly to the sky
He never looking back at her
Now, here she is…
She will never going anywhere
From the twig that they were part
She makes a beehive with the rest of her strong
And she always stares above, watching him, and praying for him
Wishing that he will not fall down
That he will stare at her from above…

January 9, 2009

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